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Warren Buffett Stock Holdings

Warren Buffett's Current Stock Holdings

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Warren Buffett sold more stocks  than he bought in the first quarter of 2010 - here is the list of his latest  stock holdings as reported to the SEC.

Warren Buffett Stocks Buys
Becton Dickinson & Co: 1.74 million shares, up from 1.5 million shares last quarter and 1.2 million before three months earlier.
Iron Mountain: 7.79 million shares, up from 7 million shares last quarter and 3.37 million before.
Republic Services: 10.83 million shares, up from 8.29 million.

Stocks Warren Buffett Eliminated from the Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
Sun Trust Bank: Cut to zero from 2.4 million shares.
Travelers Cos: Cut to zero from 27,336 shares.
UnitedHealth: Cut to zero from 1.18 million shares.
Wellpoint: Cut to zero from 1.34 million shares.

Stock Holdings Warren Buffett Reduced
Kraft Foods: 106.7 million shares, down 25% from over 138 million.
Carmax: 7.72 million shares, down from 8 million shares last quarter and 9 million shares the quarter before.
ConocoPhillips: 34.17 million shares, down from 37.7 million last quarter and from 62.49 million at the end of June 2009.
Costco Wholesale: 4.33 million shares, down from 5.25 million.
Gannett: 1.74 million shares, down from 2.2 million shares last quarter and down from 3.4 million last year.
Johnson & Johnson: 23.9 million shares, down from just over 27 million shares before. At one point in 2008 the share holding was 62 million
M&T Bank: 5.56 million, down from 6.71 million.
Moody's: 30.83 million shares, down from 31.8 million and 39.2 million a quarter before.
Procter & Gamble: 78.32 million shares, down from 87.5 million.

Stock Holdings Unchanged by Warren Buffett
American Express: Unchanged - Over 151.6 million shares.
Bank of America: Unchanged. - 5 million shares.
Coca Cola: Unchanged. - 200 million shares
Comcast: Unchanged - 12 million shares
Comdisco: Unchanged - About 1.5 million shares
Exxon Mobil: Unchanged - 421,800 shares.
General Electric: Unchanged - 7.77 million shares.
GlaxoSmithKline: Unchanged 1.51 million shares.
Home Depot: Unchanged 2.76 million shares
Ingersoll-Rand: Unchanged 636,600 shares
Lowe's: Unchanged 6.5 million shares.
Nalco: Unchanged - 9.0 million shares
Nestle: Unchanged - 3.4 million shares
Nike: Unchanged - 7.64 million shares
Sanofi Aventis: Unchanged - 3.9 million shares.
Torchmark: Unchanged 2.82 million shares.
US Bancorp: Unchanged 69 million shares.
USG: Unchanged 17.07 million shares. .
United Parcel Service: Unchanged 1.43 million shares.
Wal-Mart: Unchanged - 39 million shares.
Washington Post: Unchanged 1.72 million shares..
Wells Fargo: Unchanged - 319.5 million shares.
Wesco Financial: Unchanged - 5.703 million shares.

Goldman Sachs: Not listed as holding is preferred stock with warrants.
Harley-Davidson: Not listed as is preferred shares and warrants.
Tiffany & Co: Not listed, as holding is preferred shares and warrants.

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