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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Warren Buffett Charlie Rose Interview

Warren Buffett interviewed by Charlie Rose

Warren Buffett has been buying stocks recently that he considers are on sale. Personally I think he's a bit early, and yes I do not have $50 billion to my name, but don't forget Mr Buffett was six months too early last time he was buying stocks back in October 2008. So maybe he's too early this time too. Certainly with Fannie and Freddie starting lawsuits against a bunch of banks there may be more stock market pain yet to come.

Warren Buffett has also been talking to Charlie Rose - here is the interview (51 minutes long so you may wish to get a coffee first)

What Shares Has Warren Buffett Been Buying?

Berkshire Hathaway increased its stake in Wells Fargo, buying a further 9.7 million shares in the US's biggest mortgage lender up until the end of June, it now has a stake of 2.8%. It further increased its stake on Monday 8 August as the S+P was plunging.

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