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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Warren Buffet in Too Big To Fail

Warren Buffett in Film of Too Big to Fail Cast

New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin’s best-selling book Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System - and Themselves is being turned into a movie by cable channel HBO with some big names being lined up to play the characters who had a crucial role to play in the events.
Ed Asmer toplay Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is to be played by Ed Asner. Hank Paulson will be played by William Hurt, who may need to change a bit to obtain the frazzled look that Paulso had and James Woods will be Dick Fuld.

The film centers on Hank Paulson, U.S. Treasury Secretary at the time, and Lehman Brothers’ former CEO Dick Fuld.

Other stars in the cast include Billy Crudup, playing Timothy Geithner (President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the time - who if I remember right had a vey bad memory whe it came to paying some of his taxes). Paul Giamatti wil play debonair Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. Cynthia Nixon is to be Paulson’s spokeswoman. Tony Shalhoub (Monk) will play Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack.

According to Variety the film will begin production in Manhattan soon and is expected to be shown on HBO in 2011.

If you've got a Kindle e-book reader you get buy the Kindle version here - Too Big to Fail

When will there be a film about the great man Warren Buffett himself we wonder out loud ?

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Warren Buffett Prefers Stocks to Bonds

Warren Buffett Buy Shares not Bonds Video

Speaking at Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women conference Warren Buffett said that people are making a mistake if they decide to chase the rally in bonds, warning that
"It's quite clear that stocks are cheaper than bonds. I can't imagine anyone having bonds in their portfolio when they can own equities."

In his opinion the bubble will burst -- as the difference share and bond prices is at record levels, it is probable that they will revert to their historical relative valuations. So clearly for Warren Buffet in the long term bond prices will fall and stock prices will rise.

Buffett, also attacked the casino culture on Wall Street.
"One of the problems we still have is we have unbalanced incentives for managers of huge financial institutions.Wall Street does a lot of good things and then it has this casino. It's like a church that's running raffles on the weekend."
He added that the Bush tax cuts for the rich in the US, which will expire at the end of 2010, need to undergo a serious makeover, saying that taxing the rich would be the most effective way for the US to start clearing its deficit.
"The question is, Do we get more money from the person that's going to serve me lunch today, or do we get it from me? I think we should get it from me. .......... If you get a hundred billion more of taxes -- just pick a number -- from people like me at the top, it means you borrow a hundred billion less out of the economy. Somebody's going come up with a hundred billion. You're taking the money from the economy either way. The only question is if you take it by borrowing or by taxes."
He also attacked the lack of movement on banking reform saying that in future, Chief Executives of banks who require government handouts should "go broke", said Mr Buffett and their wives "should go broke, too". That sounds a bit blunt and possibly sexist for the Most Powerful Women, perhaps he should have added "and their husbands should go broke too" or he might even have got out his ukulele and set it to music.

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