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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Warren Buffett Latest Stock Holdings

Warren Buffett's Latest Stock Holdings

Warren Buffett filed his quarterly Berkshire Hathaway stock holdings form with the SEC on Nov. 15, 2010. It revealed that at September 30, 2010, Warren Buffett's funds had a value of $48.56 billion. You can check out the whole SEC filing in the links.

The sector allocations were as follows:

Financials: 40.9%
Consumer Goods: 38.9 %
Consumer Services: 6.7%
Health Care: 6.1%
Oil & Gas: 3.5%
Industrials: 2.9%
Utilities: 0.3%

Top positions closed out by Warren Buffett: KMX, RSG, HD, IRM, NRG
Top positions initiated by Warren Buffett: BX
Top positions decreased by Warren Buffett: MCO, PG, NLC, FISV, IR, NKE, CMCSK
Top positions increased by Warren Buffett: WFC, JNJ

Warren Buffett's top stock holdings at September 30, 2010.

American Express over 151.6 million shares, unchanged.
Bank of America Corp. 5 million shares; unchanged.
Bank of New York Mellon Corp - NEW - at 1,992,759 shares.
Becton Dickinson & Co. 1.889 million shares, unchanged
Coca Cola Co. 200 million shares, unchanged .
Comcast Corporation reduced to only 186,897 shares - used to be 12 million before.
Comdisco Holdings roughly 1.5 million shares, unchanged.
ConocoPhillips is roughly 29.1 million shares, unchanged
Costco Wholesale 4,333,363 Shares, unchanged.
Exxon Mobil Corp. 421,800 shares; unchanged.
Fiserv, Inc. is already down from 4.4 to 3.91+ million shares,
Gannett Co. 1.74 million, unchanged
General Electric Corp. 7.777 million shares; unchanged
GlaxoSmithKline 1.51 million shares, unchanged.
Ingersoll-Rand 636,600 shares, down again was over 7.78 million over a year ago.
Johnson & Johnson increased to over 42.62 million shares.
Kraft Foods is 105.21 million, unchanged
Lowe’s Companies 6.5 million shares, unchanged.
M&T Bank Corp. is 5.363 million, unchanged
Moody’s Corp. down again at 28.87+ million shares
Nalco Holding 6,142,300 shares down from 9.15 million
Nestle ADR 3.4 million shares, unchanged.
Nike Inc. down to 3,642,929 shares from 7.641 million.
Procter & Gamble down to over 76.7 million shares from over 78 million

Sanofi-Aventis unchanged
Torchmark Corp. unchanged
US Bancorp unchanged
USG Corp. unchanged
United Parcel Service unchanged
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. unchanged
Washington Post unchanged
Wells Fargo & Co. up to 336.4+ million shares
Wesco Financial Corp. unchanged

Home Depot Inc. - eliminated
Republic Services Inc. - eliminated
NRG Energy Inc. - eliminated .
Iron Mountain eliminated

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  2. Hi Pamela - thanks for the compliment - Warren Buffett has certainly done well for himself ! But he did start investing young, Congratulations on the hubpages win ! Strange that you should drop by just as I was leaving a comment on your hubpage - you should have left backlink !


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